9000 Series – AAMA 2603 Specification

The TCI 9000 Series Polyester Systems have the broadest formulating range in color and gloss and many will meet or exceed AAMA 2603 performance requirements. Products in this series have a gloss range of 20-90%+ and meet many decorative and functional requirements for chemical resistance, physical properties, color, gloss, and weatherability. High chroma colors are also available. Typical uses include aluminum extrusions, playground equipment, agricultural equipment and machinery.


The weathering performance requirement of this AAMA specification,, can be met by most standard durable polyester or super durable polyester products. Polyesters can be cured with TGIC or Primid. The weathering requirement (one year South Florida exposure) is moderate and makes available an almost unlimited selection of colors, for example; high chroma colors in a range of yellows, oranges and reds.

The products in this series are offered in metallic and pearlescent finishes, a variety of surface textures, and a wide range of gloss and bake schedules. We can also develop custom formulas to provide additional performance properties or meet unique application requirements. You can choose to add an optional clear topcoat to any of these products to help protect against aluminum oxidation in environments where oxidizing cleaners or chemicals might be present.